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In-Game Commodities

The Horizons module comes with a sizable list of basic commodities and cargo. All can be used for trading but as the game develops, these commodities will impact ship capabilities and operations. Ordinance and Components are other types of Cargo.

For Commodities (Designer Menu), see the modding section of the Wiki.

Name Description State Container Rarity Volatility
Aluminum Forged bars of Aluminum Solid Case 0.5 0
Basalt Large uncut rocks of Basalt. Solid Case 0.1 0
Cheese Cheese. Everybody loves cheese. Solid Case 0.1 0
Clothing Various manufactured consumer grade clothing Solid Case 0.6 0
Consumer Goods Various consumer products Solid Case 0.9 0
Copper Forged bars of Copper Solid Case 0.7 0
Diamonds Various uncut Diamonds Solid Case 0.3 0
Fertilizer Agriculture grade Fertilizer. Used for cultivating and growing crops in various environments. Grain Case 0.4 0
Fiberoptics Cables, splitters and other fiberoptic components. Solid Case 0.8 0
Gold Forged bars of Gold Solid Case 0.2 0
Lithien While being extremely rare, Lithien is also very volatile. Caution should be taken when transporting this material. Solid Case 0 0
Oil Canister of Crude Oil Liquid Canister 1 0
Oxygen Canister of Pure Oxygen Vapor Canister 1 0
Pharmaceuticals Medical grade Pharmaceuticals for distribution to colonies Solid Case 0.4 0
Rations Packaged Field Rations that can be stored for up to 50 years before they expire. Solid Case 1 0
Raw Materials Used for performing ship-wide repairs Solid Case 0.95 0
Silver Forged bars of Silver Solid Case 0.3 0
Sodium Raw Sodium grain. Commonly used for flavouring food. Grain Case 0.1 0
Spice Various Spices Grain Case 0.15 0
Sugar Cane Sugar distilled to a fine grain. Commonly used for sweetening food. Grain Case 0.2 0
Water Purified Water suitable for consumption Liquid Canister 1 0
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