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Getting Started

Horizons is meant for friends but some setup is required to get your ship ready to embark. Most first time hosts tend to help train and often captain their crew the first time out. It will help you to read up on the game, make sure your setup is going to work, and play with each station a little bit. Sharing information about the roles with your crew ahead of time can also help make play more fun. If you are still on the fence, pop over to our Discord Server. You only need once license per bridge server and we run public games multiple times per week. You can check out Horizons, meet the community, and get a taste of the fun you can have with your own crew. Our Discord is also a great way to join other remote crews in/near your timezone. Many of us play regularly with new friends from around the world.

If you are looking at Starship Horizons and are thinking, “This sounds like a blast!” Then it is time to get your own bridge set up!

Install the Game

Starship Horizons is available on Steam and through the Starship Horizons website.

Purchase on Steam

Purchase on

Hosting the Server

Horizons is a windows application. This application is the main viewscreen and main menu. It also acts as the server that each station connects to.

Each station runs in a web browser (preferably Chrome) on any modern device.

If you are playing remotely, think about how you are going to communicate with your crew. We recommend using Discord for this. Many Horizons groups have small private servers plus we offer multiple public bridge channels on our Discord. They are open for anyone to use to play Horizons. The host will want to share their screen so that all players can see the main viewscreen. Use Discord for your intercrew voice communications and explore the galaxy from around the globe.

Set Up Your Network

There are two ways to play Horizons: Locally and over the internet!

To play locally, you simply need to have all of the devices connected to the local network and authorized to see each other. Console devices connect to the local IP address of the PC running the server.

To play over the internet, you will need to configure your router to forward Horizons traffic to the computer hosting the server. For more information, see our Guide on Port Forwarding!

If you are still having trouble getting things to connect, come over to our Discord Server where we will try to help.

Connect Client Consoles

The server is running and the network is set up! Now, point your Google Chrome browser to the IP address of the server using this format: The X's represent the digits of your IP address.

If you are playing locally, use the local IP address for the server. You will see it at the bottom left of the Horizons window when at the main menu.

If you are connecting over the internet, you will replace the local IP address with the public IP address of your router. More details about this can be found in our Guide on Port Forwarding.

Invite Your Friends

At this point, you are ready to select a Mission and start playing. First, you need a crew to play with. The ideal crew is six people: Captain, Flight, Tactical, Engineering, Communications/Operations, and Sciences.

Get your crew ready for the unknown by sending them over to our Gameplay Guide.

It is helpful for them to learn more about their specific station and how their comrade's stations will work. Send them over to Stations for a deep dive!

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