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The players crew the Horizons by selecting bridge stations. As the player, you will select one of the stations from the Station Selection Screen. In addition to the stations and consoles, Players will see and interact with the Main View Screen via their consoles. Common Console Components

Station Selection

Bridge Stations

These are the stations that are required to play the game and interact with the Horizons universe. Players will use and interact with these stations.

Ancillary Consoles/Displays

These are the consoles and displays that add to the Horizons experience. Some can be minorly interacted with, but the information found in these consoles and displays can be found in one or more of the Bridge Stations.

In Progress (Incomplete) Consoles/Displays

These consoles and displays are still in development and might not work properly yet, but similar to the Ancillary Consoles, the information found here can generally be found in one bridge station or another.

Admin Consoles

These are Administrative tools for the Host and/or Game Master to use to monitor, interact with, and design missions in Horizons.

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