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In-Game Components

For making or editing your own components see Components (Modding)

Component Types


  • Power Generator - Reactors. Makes the energy that gets used by other systems.
  • Power Storage – Batteries. Can run some components if the Ion Reactor is off.


  • FTL – Faster Than Light drive.
  • Propulsion – Main Engines. Moves the vessel forward
  • Maneuvering – Maneuvering Thrusters. Turn!


  • Weapon Systems – Needed for Tactical Interface. Powers the weapons.
  • Cannons – Variety of Ion, Pulse, APG, GPG. Guns Guns Guns
  • Missile Systems – Missile Tubes, Missile Bays. Do you want to fire all of your missiles at once? Or one at a time?
  • Shields – Rechargeable damage reduction. Don't forget to turn them on.


  • Sensors – Scanning and Communications. Different distances for different power.
  • Life Support – Keeping people alive.
  • Cloaking – shhhh . . . . . It's a secret

Component Information

Name – Name of the Component

Type – The type of component (what it's supposed to do)

Function – How it uses energy (Generate, Store, or Consume)

Company – The company that makes the component.

Hard Points – How many hard points the component takes up.

Component Stats

  • Integrity – Hit points.
  • Minimum – Minimum integrity required to use the component. Below this, the component turns off.
  • Tolerance – Unsure.

Power Consumption

  • Level – Amount of power that gets stored in a component
    • Optimal – The standard amount of power stored in a component.
    • Maximum – Unsure of difference from Optimal.
  • Charge – Speed at which the Level gets charged.
  • Bleed – Speed at with the Level discharges.


  • Class – Projectile or Missile
  • Recycle – How long it takes to fire
  • Energy – How much energy it consumes when it fires/charges
  • Speed – Speed of the projectile, in Meters/second
  • Range – Range of the projectile, in Meters
  • Damage Type – Type of Damage (Piercing, Electrical, Explosive, Radiation, etc)
  • Damage – Hull or Shield Damage
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