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The missions menu empowers Game Masters to create and edit missions within Starship Horizons Modules. There are many submenus for the mission editor.


This menu allows for the naming, categorization, and mission select settings for the mission. We recommend using the category menu to separate the missions in your module from the missions in other modules. Note the mission visibility toggle in the top right corner. This will toggle visibility on the mission select screen but the mission will always be available in Designer.


This menu allows GMs to set the marquee image that is displayed when the mission is selected in the mission select screen.

Prologue & Epilogue

The Prologue and Epilogue messages will display before and after the mission, respectively. Use those menus to set the messages or deactivate them.

Players & Spawn Points

The Players Menu allows for the adding of player ships. Here GMs set the Name, Designation, Faction, Ship Class, and Startup (spawn point) for the player ship. Note that for multibridge play, each bridge requires a separate Player to connect to.

Each player ship requires a Spawn Point. Use the Spawn Point menu to set these points in space.


Add objectives to track mission progress. Use the End Mission When Objectives Complete checkbox in the General Menu to choose if the mission ends when all objectives are complete.

Comm Channels

This menu allows for creating predefined comm channels. These channels can contain more ships and be marked as not-closeable. Tagged ships (by name or object tag) will be in that channel with the Player ship.


The creation of an object will spawn the object at the launch of the mission. This is not to be confused with the spawn of an object through Event Actions and Dialog Actions, which are currently more limited.


Encounters are events that activate on set intervals. These are akin to random monster spawns. GMs have the ability to adjust the likelihood and other details of the spawn.


Events are powerful IF-THEN statements that allow mission designers to manipulate the world of the mission when specific conditions are met.


Variables are numerical strings that store information that may be checked or edited later.


Waypoints are named points in space that the Flight console can target and jump to.


The scripting section allows for custom scripts written in C#.

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