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Development Background


Starship Horizons began in 1997 as a love letter to Science Fiction starship simulation. Now, I'm sure you are asking yourself… wait… 1997? Yes, way back in '97 we attempted to start this project off with a bang. We failed! The technology simply hadn't caught up to the vision we wanted to accomplish. So we put Horizons on the Shelf…


Fast forward to 2012 and we picked the idea back up and went to town! After playing Artemis we realized that it COULD be done, and we wanted more! On a bet that it couldn't be done, Horizons was first seen by the public at MAKER FAIR 2012 in Norfolk, VA. This was six weeks and one day after the project started.


Self published Early Access arrives! Launching in conjunction with MAGFest 2016, Horizons becomes available for Early Access download from This marks the real start of the Starship Horizons universe and the game engine as people know of it today.


Full Steam Ahead! In September, Starship Horizons launches on Steam as a single purchase for a six player bridge experience.

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