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Gameplay Overview

Starship Horizons Bridge Simulator is a cooperative crew experience. Players can play locally via LAN connection or remotely with port forwarding. If playing remotely, you'll have to have a way to talk with each other and to share the main view screen. Best experienced with 4-6 players, the host will launch Horizons and select a mission. The players will choose their roles from the Station Selection Screen.

Each role performs complementary tasks to other roles. The Flight officer controls the movement of the Horizons in space, while the Tactical officer controls the weapon systems, and the Sciences officer scans the area getting information. The Communications officer sends and receives messages to other ships and monitors objectives. The Engineering officer maintains systems offering critical boosts and repairs. The Captain coordinates all of the information and makes decisions and orders for the other officers to carry out. The players work together using their stations and communicating with one another to complete mission objectives and thus the mission.

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