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As we help people troubleshoot the game, we are putting together the frequently needed solutions. If you don't see your issue, pop by the Discord Server for help!


What Browser should I use?

Google Chrome is best, as are most Chromium browsers (except Edge). If you are having trouble with other browsers, try Chrome.

People can connect locally but not over the internet.

Have you checked out our article on port forwarding? | Hosting A Remote Session
Make sure you are giving them your external IP, not the local one. |

I have multiple network cards (some virtual) and Horizons displays the wrong IP address. Sometimes I can't connect.

Use the command prompt and “ipconfig” if you need to check your internal IP address. Most folks who need virtual adapters are pretty savvy.
If you are having server issues and have multiple network interfaces, they restarting the server while properly connected to the network on that interface. Don't change or activate WiFi after launching the game. It may also help for you to disable adapters you aren't using.

Can I use a HOTUS or Joystick?

Yes! It must be connected to the server computer. There are not controller keybindings on the webclient stations.

I think I found a bug, what do I do about it?

Head on over to the Discord and put it in the #bug-reporting chat.

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