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Components are the mechanical systems of the ship which attach to Hardpoints. Examples of a component are: ShieldGenerator 4K, IonCannon, LaserCannon, etc. The available Hardpoints limit how many upgrades a smaller military or a civilian vessel can receive. Larger ships can hold bigger components and more components. Horizons comes with a default set of in-game components.

Uninstalled components appear as a type of Cargo and can be transferred, traded, and looted just like Commodities and Ordinance. Actions can be used to install components on ships. This can be done as an Event Action or as a Dialog Action.


There are two types of Hardpoints: Internal and External. Internal hardpoints are for shield generators, reactors, life support, etc. External hardpoints are for engines, thrusters, turrets, and launchers. Some hardpoints only accept certain components, such as the MainReactor hardpoint will only accept a component that is a type of main reactor.

Creating and editing hardpoints can be done in the Vessels menu.

Adding Components: General

Add a new Component by pressing Add A Component inside the Components menu at the Module level.

The first menu sets the basic parameters for the component.

Name Description
Name The name of the component.
Type The component type (which sets what type of hardpoint it can be bound to).
Function What does this component do to the ship and its cargo: Store, Transfer, Generate, or Consume.
Company What company made this product. See the Companies menu for more information.
Model Does this component have a 3D model that represents it.
Hardpoints This number controls the size of the component relative to the size of the hardpoint.
Consume by Level? Is consumption tied to the level it is being run at in the Engineering screen.

Adding Componments: Stats

The stats set the behavior of the component when it is installed on the ship.

Name Description
Integrity The base integrity of this component.
[Integrity] Minimum The minimum integrity level for this component to function.
[Integrity] Tolerance How well does the item tolerate damage and continue to function.
Optimal [Level] What is the neutral or balanced level.
Maximum [Level] What is the maximum level it can be set to.
Charge [Rate] At what rate does the component charge when power is increased or applied.
Bleed How much waste is there when this component is powered.

Adding Components: Sounds

This menu maps the sound files that players hear when this component is in different states.

Name Description
Startup The sound that is played when the component has power applied. [example: The sound played when the shield generator is given power via engineering. Maybe we hear the generator spin up.]
Ambient The background noise generated by the component being installed. [example: The sound that the shield generator always makes, even when powered down. Maybe this is a cooling system that is always on.]
Activated The sound that is played when the component is activated for use. [example: The sound that is played when tactical triggers the Shields to raise.]
Used The sound that is played when the component is in use. [example: The constant thrum the shields make when they are raised.]
Deactivated The sound that is played when the component is not in active use. [example: The shields don't make any noise when they are powered but lowered. Maybe the capacitors could make a high-pitched wine when they have power but are not expending that power.]
Shutdown The sound that is played when the component has power removed. [example: When the shield generator is powered down, we hear the generator spin down.]
Destroyed The sound that is played when the component is damaged in battle to the point where it stops functioning. [example: When the shield generator is destroyed it fizzles the shields out and then there is complete SILENCE from this system. Maybe there is a special klaxon.]

Adding Components: Component Types

Name Description
Unknown ?
Battery Stores energy
Conduit ?
Cloak Cloaks the ship
Environment Keeps the crew alive, generally life support systems are this type.
FTL Provides the ship with FTL capabilities
Maneuver Allows the ship to maneuver in space
Power Generates power, usually the ships reactors
Propulsion Provides the ship with movement capabilities, usually the ships engines
Sensor Grants the ship the capability to scan objects in space, used by the Sciences Officer
Shield Generates a shield around the ship
Weapon The offensive capabilities of the ship, Missiles, Lasers, etc are this type.
Weapon System Deprecated, do not use
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