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Encounters are similar to a D&D “random encounter” system. Encounters can be defined at the Module and Mission levels. Encounters at the mission level will override Encounters at the module level that have the exact same name.

Add An Encounter

Name Description Value
Name The unique name/ID for this encounter. Note: encounters at the mission level will override encounters at the module level with the exact same name. text
Faction A condition that can limit what faction this encounter will activate against. drop-down selection of known factions
Location A condition that will limit what location this encounter will activate when the players are present. name or tag
Chance The percentage chance of this encounter activating. 0 to 1 where 0.1 is 10%, 0.5 is 50%, 1 is 100%, etc
Repeating? Can this encounter be triggered more than once per activation? Checkbox
Active? Is this encounter active at the start of the mission or world? (Note: encounters can be activated and deactivated by Actions) Checkbox
Groups The potential objects and/or actions inside this encounter. see Add an Encounter Group

Add an Encounter Group

Name Description Value
Index The unique (within this encounter) identifier for the Encounter Group. text
Name A name for the encounter. text
Add Object Add an object to the world when this encounter is triggered. see Add an Object
Add Action Add an action that will change the world when triggered. see Actions

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