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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a copy of Horizons to play?

You need one copy of Horizons for a crew of up to 6 players. Think of it as Free to play/Pay to host. You don't personally need a copy in order to play, and there are Hosts on the Horizons Discord who are willing to run a game for you to try it before you buy it. Bring some friends.

How do I play it if I don't need a copy?

Players connect to the host via browser links. If you are on the same local network or connecting remotely, the host will provide you with a link to join and choose a station. Hosting A Remote Session and Bridge Stations have more information.

Is a crew station limited to a single screen/devices?

You can load up as many stations on a single device as you'd like. You can only really interact with one screen at a time, so you couldn't load up two touch screens and have two players playing at the same time on the same device, but that's basically because you can't have two mouse clicks working simultaneously on most devices. But if you have 4 screens you can have 4 different consoles loaded on each screen. Or you can have multiple browser tabs and switch between tabs. There is even a quick switch between bridge stations so you can move between open stations without switching tabs. Multiple people can connect to the same station/screen/console from the station selection screen, but having two people in sciences won't let you scan twice as fast, you'll be interrupting each other.

Can I customize my ship name? Can I fly something other than the Horizons?

YES! Sort of… The ship name is defined in the individual missions. In the stock missions (currently) you are in the Horizons. But you can name the ship whatever you'd like in the designer in any mission that you make. You can write you own missions where you can name all of the objects and choose a different ship to crew.

Can I use Horizons to make my own Star Trek/Star Wars/Honorverse/The Expanse mods?

You can definitely make your own custom mod and skin for your own use. Horizons will not be creating or distributing any licensed material, but that doesn't mean that you can't mod it yourself! You can import your own models and ship designs, or connect with other members of the community who are working on their own mods. Check out Modding Overview for more information.

Does Horizons have anything on Steam Workshop?

Not yet. It's mostly a time issue for the developer. It's on the list, but pretty low on the list currently. We do have some missions and modules available on our Google Drive. Mission Share

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