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Hosting A Remote Session

Having Friends Join Your Session

With Horizons, you don't have to be together in the same room to play. You can start a new Horizons game session and your friends can join in using their web browsers remotely. There are a few steps you'll need to take to make this happen, so let's get started!

Step 1: Port Forwarding

This step requires a few settings to be changed in your homes router. Horizons communicates over ports 1864, 1865 and 1866. In order for remote players to join your game from their browser, you will need to forward these ports to the PC you are using to play Horizons. Although all routers are different, you should be able to find a menu option for 'Port Forwarding'. You'll want to add a new entry and set the 'range' of ports to 1864-1866. The IP for this entry will be the IP of your gaming PC. If you are not sure of the IP address, it will be listed at the bottom of the Main Menu screen when Horizons launches.

Step 2: Your Public IP

Before you can invite friends to join you, you'll need to find out your public IP address. It's a series of four numbers separated by dots, ranging from 0 to 255, an example IP looks like this:

To find out what your public IP is, simply visit

It will tell you what your public IP address is, copy that address to use in the next steps.

Step 3: Check Firewalls/Blocking Apps

Make sure you don't have any virus or firewall apps that could block ports 1864-1866. Common apps that do this be default include virus protection software like McAfee or Norton.

Other players will just need their web browser to connect to you session. But first they will need an address to go to. When you share your IP with others, it should look something like this (make sure you always include the 1864 at the end):


Replace the 'your-public-ip' section with the public IP you got from visiting that first link. If I go to that address and it tells me my public IP is, then I the link I would share with my players would be:

That's all you should need to do to allow remote players to join your game session.

Sharing the Main View Screen

Currently, Horizons doesn't natively share the main view screen. We recommend using the Horizons Discord to stream the main view screen and audio chat with the members of your crew. Though any meeting software that allows you to screen share would work.

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