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Commodities are assets that can be used for trading. They are cargo that is stored in the cargo hold and transferred with shuttles.

The Horizons Module comes with a set of standard In-Game Commodities plus the ability to add your own at the Module or Mission level.

Adding Custom Commodities

In the commodities menu, select Add A New Commodity to launch this menu. Fill in the Name, Description, Details, State, Container, etc.


Name Description Values
Name The Commodity Name text
Description The short description in the Commodity Menu and Cargo Hold. text
Details The detailed description text
State The physical state of the commodity Solid, Liquid, Vapor, Gas
Container What the commodity is stored in. Cannister, Case, Other
Icon The icon image of the commodity. Image
Image The fullsize image of the commodity for the cargo hold detail view. Image
Tags The tag for grouping/calling multiple commodities. string
Rarity How often the commodity spawns. 0-1, where 0=rare and 1=common
Volatility How likely the commodity is to explode and cause damage when the ship hull is hit. 0-1, where 0=stable and 1+ Volatile.
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