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Create an Object

Creating objects fills the world of Horizons to make the story worth telling. Objects can be quick-spawned using an Action or created using the full Create an Object menu inside the Objects and Encounters menus at both the Module and Mission level.

The Create an Object menu has seven sections along the sidebar of the popup: General, Location, Cargo, Hardpoints, Dialog, Tasks, and Properties.


Name Description
Name The ship name.
Description Is displayed only for the GM in the GM screen.
Designation The ship's hull number.
Faction The ship's faction alignment. None will make the ship show as neutral.
Class The ship class, which affects the 3D model and base component setup.
Tags These tags are alternative references to the object. Names must be unique but tags can be shared by multiple objects.
Crew This sets the number of crew that appears when the player scans the object.
Broadcasting? If checked, the ship and its scan details will appear without the need to scan the object.
Invincible? Check this box to prevent the ship from being damaged/destroyed.
Log Activity? If the game is in Debug mode, the activity of this object will be logged in the GM Screen.


Name Description
Planet The planet around which the object will spawn.
Position The x, y, z coordinates where the object will spawn in the specified planetary system.
Orientation The direction the ship will be facing when it spawns.

Add Cargo

Name Description
Type The commodity, ordinance, or component that should be added to the Object's cargo hold.
Value The quantity of the cargo that is being added to the cargo hold.

Hard Points

Hard Points are where ship's components are installed.

Name Description
Hard Point The hardpoint on the ship 3D model where the component is mounted.
Type The type of component to attach to the hardpoint.
Value The string value that pairs with the type above.


Dialog added directly onto an object will override the comms options of that ship. If the Dialog Groups use the same name, Dialog Groups at the Object level will override Dialog Groups at the Module level.

For more information, see the article on Dialog Trees.


Object tasks are orders that are executed in the order that they are assigned.

Name Description
Type The type of task that will be added to the object's initial task queue. See list of tasks.
Tags The target parameter of the Type command.
Clear on Complete? Check this box to clear this task from the task queue once it is completed. If unchecked, the task will remain in the queue unless canceled by an action.


These object properties set or override specific parameters normally set by the ship class.

Name Description
Type The type of property to set or override. See the list of object properties.
Value The new value for the selected Type.

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