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Galactic Map

This map is of all of the planetary systems. FTL is used to move between systems. Systems contain System Maps and Local (Planetary System) maps.

See Editing Maps for creating dedicated systems and adding module-level objects.

System Map

This map is of all planetary systems inside of a star system. With a star at its core, a system usually has many planets.

Local Map

A local map, also called a planetary system, has a planet at its center and it also has the moons and objects local to that planet.

Faction designations

As a planet or system is designated to belong to a specific faction, it will change how the color is rendered on the Galaxy Map and how travelers from other factions will treat the local NPCs.

This feature is under development.

Coordinate system

The X, Y, Z coordinate system is used to represent the position of vessels and objects on a particular map.

On the local map in top-down radar view, X is radar left to right, Z is radar up to down, and Y is the 3rd dimension of depth (up and down from the ecliptic plane).

0, 0, 0 is the center of the main planet in the local system.

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