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Conditions logical IF checks used to determine if Event Actions or Encounter Object Spawns should be triggered. These are used at both the Module and Mission level.

If using conditions as part of Events, see also: Actions.

Individual condition detail pages coming soon!

Name Description
Device: Property Checks a property on an external device.
Device: State Checks a state on an external device.
Device: Code Checks a code on an external device.
Duration Time elapsed since the event was enabled.
Mission: Percent Complete Checks the percentage of mission objectives completed.
Mission: Score Checks the mission score.
Mission: State Checks the mission state.
Mission: Time Remaining Checks the time remaining in the mission.
Mission: Success Checks if the objectives are all complete.
Object: Cargo Checks the cargo contents of an object.
Object: Controller
Object: Count Checks the current number of objects with a specific name or tag.
Object: Property Checks a specific property of an object.
Object: Scanned Checks to see if an object has been scanned by the Player.
Objective: Complete Checks to see if an objective is complete.
Pedia: Viewed Checks to see if a Pedia article has been viewed.
Pedia: Visible Checks to see if a Pedia article is visible.
Player Hit: Shield
Player Hit: Hull

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