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Alliance Faction Timeline


Mars One crew settles due to Private Organization. Heavy United States Influence.


Space Elevator construction complete


Mercury Laser Array constructed


Outpost 116 Asteroid Mining begins. (116 million miles from the sun)


Europa settled by a consortium of European, Indian and Gulf Countries


First Higgs Generators developed the technologies is such that Sail type panels are the optimum arrangement. (The first VHG can only create virtual Higgs less than a meter away from the device and not strong enough to overcome any significant amount of gravity)


Ring Higgs Generator developed. VHG can create stronger fields and the generators can now be layered into arrays of generators stacked on top of each other).


It’s discovered that the VHG can manipulate micro worm holes. This allows a ship to grab a micro wormhole, stabilize it, expand it’s event horizon. Thus allowing the ship to pass through. The process is called a Higgs Cascade. Early Higgs Cascade Drives could not control the far end exit location. So a lot of time was spent hunting around for a good wormhole. A fair number of ships were lost due to hasty jumps that took ships hundreds of light-years away where the micro wormhole evaporated and the ship couldn’t find another wormhole(s) to make the trip back.


Start of the First Age of Expansion


Further development of Higgs Generator Arrays brings on the Plate Design. Further advancements in field strength and a large boost in energy efficiency allow ships to generate deflector shields. Virtual Higgs are used to turn away high velocity masses and bend electromagnetic energy. There is feedback in this process that can cause the shield to overload (Heat Management Problem).


End of the First Age of Expansion as tension increases between Mars, Europa, and Earth.


Declaration of Martian Federation June 13 Declaration Day July 6 Destruction of the Mercury Laser Array July 6 Alliance Declares War


Earth’s Space Elevators destroyed in several punitive raids by Mars’ forces.


December – The Shipyards of Earth, Mars, and Europa are wrecked. Bring an end to major hostilities.


Ceasefire Declared


Unification Treaty is ratified and a joint governmental body called the Colonial Alliance is formed.


First Exploration vessels to return after an alien contact is kept secret by the Colonial Alliance Governing Body.


The latest in VHG allows for the Higgs Plates to be concentrated into Nacelles. Which is a vast improvement for Engineering Maintenance and Power Distribution and Management.


Horizons Launches on its first mission.

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