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Release Notes

A brief overview of each release can be found here.

Release 25.1

  • Designer fixes for Event Actions
  • Map enhancement to allow for custom backdrops
  • Fixed a Zero-Cargo display issue
  • Fixed custom crew sizes

Release 25

With this release, the focus was on squashing a few more bugs, but also expanding the GM tools to show real-time logs for objects/events/variables:

  • GM Log (Toggle Debug Mode from the 'Other' tab on the GM console to show more)
  • Web Sockets: Revised closing logic to help prevent stuck sessions
  • Regions: Fixed an issue with certain regions loading of mission data

Release 24

  • Flight:
    • New UI!
    • Scaling Option Added To Menu
  • Web Socket Revisions
  • Designer
    • Many Bug Fixes
    • Added New Actions For Pedia/IRIS Articles

Release 23

  • Tactical
    • New Contact Listing
    • Improved Laser Notifications
    • Improved Missile Management
    • Loadout View Moved To Weapon Status Screen
  • Lots of Small Bug Fixes
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