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Mission Objectives

Mission Objectives track a Player's progress through missions. Some types of objectives can track specific conditions and open objectives can be marked as complete using Actions. Missions can be set to automatically end when all objectives (or all non-optional objectives) are complete.

Add an Objective

Name Description
Name The name of the objective as displayed in the objectives list on the comms screen.
Group The grouping of objectives inside the objectives list. This is used for organization.
Rank Choose between a primary mission objective and an optional objective.
Type See Objective Types
Tags The variable used to check the type against. example: Type:“Objects Destroyed” Tags:“Darts” where “Darts” refer to the tag assigned in the object screen or spawning action.
Description The description displayed when an objective is clicked on the Comms Console.
Visible? If this is checked the mission will be visible on the Comms Console. If unchecked it will not be visible. Visibility can be changed through an Event or Dialog Action.

Objective Types

Name Description
Open An objective that must be marked complete by an Event.
Commodity An objective based on the acquisition of a specific commodity.
Objects Destroyed An objective that counts the destruction of specific tags or object names.
Objects Hailed An objective that counts the hailing of specific of specific tags or object names.
Objects Scanned An objective that counts the scanning of specific of specific tags or object names.
Objects Survived An objective that tracks the survival of specific tags or object names.
Timed An objective that counts down for a specific amount of time.

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