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Cards FAQ

Is there a way to increase Salvage (Player Loot)?

Yes! The Universal Blueprint ‘The Salvager’ will increase Salvage for each crew member (player) by 1*!

*Does not stack, one per Ship.

Can I trade my cards with other players?

Absolutely, feel free to trade with other players and collectors.

How many cards do I get with my Adventures Ticket?

With each Adventure’s ticket a player will receive 1 Equipment Requisition Pack. Each pack includes 10 cards, of which 7 are Common, 2 are Uncommon, and either 1 Rare, with a 1 in 10 chance of an Ultra Rare.

Can I buy more cards?

Yes, currently only available in person, though we are working to have them available online as well.

Where can I see all the cards available?

Engineering is working carefully with Operations to create an interactive Card Database for player perusal.

How many cards are there for the 2022 Season?

There are 80 cards in the 2022 set, not including the Blueprint cards.

What else can I do with my cards?

Use them to create new cards via Blueprints or maybe use them to help ‘convince’ a NPC to help you out. Cheese is quite valuable in space of course…

What are Blueprints?

Blueprints are instructions on how to create new items with a completed parts list.

There are two types of Blueprints; Universal and R&D. Universal Blueprints are available to all players to make, assuming you have the parts needed. R&D Blueprints are only craftable if you have that R&D card.

Where can I find the Universal Blueprints?

The Fleet Quartermaster is currently in negotiation with the Fabrication Merchant’s Guild over exact Blueprint specifications.

Where can I find the R&D Blueprints?

You never know when one might show up in Salvage…

What might be on a Blueprint’s Part List and how do I craft them?

Your Blueprint’s part list might require 10 Uncommon Ordnance type cards and 3 Common Commodities, once you’ve collected the necessary parts visit your local space station Fabrication Merchant and request the item be made.

Drat, out of Uncommon Ordnance cards?

Never fear, the Fabrication Merchant is open to trades. 10 Commons of the same type can be traded to create 1 Uncommon. (The same ratio from Uncommon to Rare, Rare to Ultra Rare)

Have extra Folios from your equipment requisition packs?

For the 2022 Season only, turn in 10 Folios and get 1 Rare card of your choice.

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