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The Main View Screen

The Main View Screen is also the Horizons Program window on the Host Computer. From the Main View Screen, the Host can select the mission for the players to attempt. The Main View Screen will have the mission briefing when you start your mission, and then provide a forward view out of the Horizons. The Communications officer can control the view from a set of camera options, and the Flight and Tactical officers can put their selected target on screen.

Camera Views

The main Bridge view

Bridge Port
Port view from the Bridge

Bridge Starboard
Starboard view from the Bridge

Astern (Rear) view from the Bridge

Landing Bay
View of the main Landing Bay

Outer Cinema 1
Three-Quarter view

Outer Cinema 2
View from Front

Outer Cinema 3
View from Port side

Outer Cinema 4
View from Overhead

Outer Cinema 5
View from Behind the vessel

On Screen

On Screen

On Screen Off Screen Using the On Screen button, the Flight and Tactical officers can put their selected target on the main view screen. The view of the target will always be from the point of view of the Horizons. You can put unidentified targets (things that have not yet been scanned) on the main view screen for a visual identification of the target. When a target is on screen, you can clear it by clicking the off screen button, or by the Communications officer selecting a different camera view.

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