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Common Console Components

Components that are found on multiple bridge consoles with similar functions can be found listed below. Certain Components, such as Local Radar, that exist on multiple consoles, but also exist as their own ancillary console will be linked to their console page.

Fish Eye Radar

The Fish Eye radar places objects in a pair of radar circles that represent the forward and rear of Horizons. The center circle represents the 90 degree arc of the area in front of or behind the Horizons, and the outer circle represents objects that are more to the side.

Galactic Compass

The compass found on Local Radar, giving a fixed 360 degree compass for reference between stations and heading.

Galactic Position

Your Galaxy, Star System, and Planet location.

Galaxy Map

Main Article : Stellar Navigation Console or Galaxy Map The Galaxy Map is used to find other star systems to travel to.


Heading Your Heading component gives the direction of the Horizons in a planar 360 degree and ±90 degree pitch. Where 000 - 00 is a flat galactic north on the Galactic Compass.

Local Radar

Main Article : Radar or Local Map

Nearby or Local Contacts

Many stations will have a list of nearby or local contacts that allow the player to select their target from a list, rather than by clicking on the object on the Local Radar.

System Map

Target Intel

The Target Intel Component contains information about the selected target. Included just below the Target Intel is the Target Selection. The orb selects the nearest planetary body. The blue diamond selects the nearest space station. The Red Dart selects the nearest known enemy. And the White Diamond selects the nearest unknown (unscanned) object.

Vessel Status

The Green, Yellow, and Blue bars indicating the Hull Status, Energy Consumption, and Shield Status of the Horizons

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