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Star System Console or System Map

The Star System Console or System Map is the view of a star system. Some stations, such as Flight (Helm) and Sciences, are able to select star systems other than the system the Horizons is currently inhabiting.

Star System Console


LSG Toggle

In flight and Sciences, the System Map has the LSG toggle, allowing you to switch between the Local Radar, System Map, and Galaxy Stellar Navigation.

Zoom Slider

The Star System Console, as well as the System Map available on some stations, has a slider bar in the bottom right allowing you to zoom in for more detail on planets closer to the star.


In the upper left there is the current location of the Horizons, as Galaxy, System, and Planet.

Set Waypoint

On the System Map, Flight or Sciences may set a waypoint for the flight officer to FTL to. This might be somewhere that Sciences has scanned an energy reading, or it might be a planet that you've been asked to investigate without being given a mission waypoint.

Scan System

Details about scanning the system for energy readings in the System Map can be found on the Science station.

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