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Stellar Navigation Console or Galaxy Map

The Stellar Navigation Console, or the Galaxy Map on Flight (Helm) or Science, is a view of the Galaxy that allows you to select other Star Systems to investigate and set waypoints to planetary bodies via the System Map.

Stellar Navigation Console


LSG Toggle

LSG toggle
In Flight and Sciences, the Galaxy Map has the LSG toggle in the bottom right, allowing you to switch between the Local Radar, System Map, and Galaxy Stellar Navigation.

Zoom Slider

Also in Flight and Sciences, the Galaxy Map has a slider bar in the bottom right, allowing you to zoom in for more detail on star systems near you, or a wider view to see other star systems farther away.


In the upper left there is the current location of the Horizons, as Galaxy, System, and Planet.

Color Coding

Some star systems will have a green or red area around them. These are to denote if the system is controlled by a friendly faction or an opposing faction (see Factions).

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