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  1. The Captain runs the ship
  2. As captain, you coordinate the information the crew gives you, make decisions, and give orders
  3. The Captain, working through his crew, completes mission objectives

Captain's console

Captain's Console The Captain's Console is relatively simple and can easily fit onto a tablet or mobile phone.

The captain can set the alert status. As well as monitor the Hull Integrity, Energy Consumption, and Shield Status.

In an emergency, the Captain can Abandon Ship, saving the crew and initiating a self-destruct of the Horizons

Bridge Stations : Flight | Tactical | Science | Operations (Comms) | Engineering | Captain
Ancillary Consoles/Displays : Center | Stellar Navigation | Stellar Body | Star System | Alert Status | Shield Status | Cargo Hold | Radar | IRIS
In Progress (Incomplete) Consoles/Displays : Crew Roster | Collision Alarm | Dashboard | Deck Status | Target | Scan | Vessel Status
Admin Consoles : Game Master | Mission Control | Mission Status | Designer

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