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Welcome to the Starship Horizons Wiki!

Starship Horizons is a team-based multi-player experience that is designed to be played together in person or across the internet online. The players command their own Starship as the bridge officers in the roles of Captain, Flight, Tactical, Science, Operations, and Engineering.

As a team, players can venture into the galaxy in our vast Campaign setting, or play any number of Missions designed for a shorter experience.

Use it in your LARP event or just get together with your friends and have fun!

One Bridge, Six Players

Starship Horizons allows you to buy one copy of the game, and include up to six players locally. Since it only needs one PC to run, players join the game from their laptops, tablets, or even phones to play.

How Does This Work?

The game runs on a single Windows PC, running XP or higher. This serves as the 'Main Computer' for your ship and handles the 'Main View Screen' as many science fiction shows have used. For players, they can connect to the PC running the game using any modern browser (Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, and Edge). This means you can use a laptop, a netbook, an iPad or Android tablet, an iPhone, and more. | Read More!

The New Wiki!

This wiki is the new repository for Horizons knowledge. It is brand new and we are working hard to start filling in information. If you have something to contribute, please do!

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