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The Internal Record Information System (IRIS) is a repository of information provided for players.



IRIS Entries

IRIS Entry
Using IRIS you can bring up information about topics important to the mission at hand, or otherwise adding to the world building. You can send the topic to another station allowing that officer to read more information as needed and can be dismissed using the red square.

Entries will also have internal links (like most pedia systems), allowing you to select other topics related to the entry selected.

More information about adding to IRIS can be found under Pedias

Bridge Stations : Flight | Tactical | Operations (Comms) | Science | Engineering | Captain
Ancillary Stations/Displays : Center | Stellar Navigation | Stellar Body | Star System | Alert Status | Shield Status | Cargo Hold | Radar | IRIS
In Progress (Incomplete) Consoles/Displays : Crew Roster | Collision Alarm | Dashboard | Deck Status | Target | Scan | Vessel Status
Admin Consoles : Game Master | Mission Control | Mission Status | Designer

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