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Crew Roster

The Crew Roster is the list of all NPCs on the Horizons, whether they are on duty, off duty, or inactive.


Crew Filters

On the left you can filter the crew roster by Activity, Status, and (coming soon) Deck.

Crew Information

Specific information about individual crew members including a profile picture and description

Crew Health

For a future implementation of the Medical Officer on the Mid-Term Roadmap.

Bridge Stations : Flight | Tactical | Science | Operations (Comms) | Engineering | Captain
Ancillary Consoles/Displays : Center | Stellar Navigation | Stellar Body | Star System | Alert Status | Shield Status | Cargo Hold | Radar | IRIS
In Progress (Incomplete) Consoles/Displays : Crew Roster | Collision Alarm | Dashboard | Deck Status | Target | Scan | Vessel Status
Admin Consoles : Game Master | Mission Control | Mission Status | Designer

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