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Center Console

The Center Console is an incredibly useful summary of the Horizons current status. It is often best placed where the captain as well as the majority of the crew can see it. It has the current status of your vessel's components, as well as the system you are currently in (a la Star System map), Deck Status, Core System Status, Vessel Orientation, and a visual representation of the shields and damage sustained by the Horizons.

Center Console

Bridge Stations : Flight | Tactical | Operations (Comms) | Science | Engineering | Captain
Ancillary Stations/Displays : Center | Stellar Navigation | Stellar Body | Star System | Alert Status | Shield Status | Cargo Hold | Radar | IRIS
In Progress (Incomplete) Consoles/Displays : Crew Roster | Collision Alarm | Dashboard | Deck Status | Target | Scan | Vessel Status
Admin Consoles : Game Master | Mission Control | Mission Status | Designer

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